Our History

In 1994, 13 years before Apple launched the iPhone a young 18-year-old Sam Meate realised his future lay in being an entrepreneur and not a student or employee so backed himself and took over an abandoned fruit cart at Westfield's shopping centre in Liverpool, NSW.
Seeing an opportunity in the market to satisfy an emerging demand for better quality car audio equipment that was being installed in new cars at the time Dr Boom Car Audio was born.
Always an innovator, with a natural flair for picking trends Sam realised that offering "on-site installation'' of the equipment his customers were buying would not only add to his revenue but differentiate him from the growing number of competitors entering that space.
As quickly as the business grew so did the competition and Sam saw the demand shift from car audio to mobile phones and the onsite 'while you wait' installation of car kits, so Dr Boom Communications was born with a new focus on the emerging mobile phone market.
As the demand grew, so did the need to support and repair the devices that were entering the market so once again Sam was at the forefront of ''on the spot'' repairs, which continues to be a key-value and convenience-driven service offer to this day.
Fast forward almost 20 years and having successfully opened 15 Dr Boom stores across NSW, ACT, and VIC, many of which were on sold to new entrants in the category and have spawned countless rival brands, Sam embarked on a new phase of evolution.
Since 2014 what were 7 Dr Boom Stores in NSW have grown to 18 locations across NSW, ACT, and VIC including a successful franchise programme and more recently the launch of Boombars by Dr Boom Communications, a smart vending programme offering our customers 24/7 access to a range of accessories and devices to make sure they remain connected always.
Offering the most credible and highly regarded brands in mobile phone accessories such as Bodyguardz, Otterbox, Life Proof, Tech 21, Diesel, Kate Spade and House of Harlow as well as our own Dr Boom range of premium products, Dr Boom is also now being recognised as the go to destination for premium portable audio solutions with brands such as Beats by Dr Dre, Jabra, and JBL joining our range.
In the connected world we live in, our smartphones have and will continue to replace all other portable electronic devices not just to stay connected but to capture memories, research, watch, listen, and work more productively than ever before. They are a phone, laptop, music and movie player, and compact portable computer.
At Dr Boom, we've understood that, known that and continue to support better and longer than anyone else, in fact since 1994 and over 30 locations... Make Your Phone Look Great Make Your Music Sound Better
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