Griffin Reversible USB Charge/Sync Cable with Micro-USB Connector Silver

Griffin Reversible USB Charge/Sync Cable with Micro-USB Connector Silver

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  • Long-life charging cable with micro-USB connector
  • Easier-connecting reversible USB connector plugs into any full-sized USB port regardless of orientation
  • High-durability braided nylon outer jacket for long cable life under heavy use
  • Durable anodized aluminium housings protect both the USB connectors


Griffin's Premium Charge/Sync Cables are designed for long, reliable life, then built with more durable materials and connectors.

Easier USB Connection - Griffin's premium cables uses a quick-connecting reversible USB plug that plugs into ANY USB-A port. No matter how you hold it, it's the easier-to-plug-in USB connector.

Long-life materials - Super-durable cable jackets covered in nylon braiding, while aluminium encases the USB connectors to protect them from physical stresses that cab lead to early cable failure.

Torture tested, ultra durable - Premium cables are subjected to bend testing of 10,000 cycles and environmental testing. The result is a premium cable that's built for longer, more reliable life.



5' (1.5 m)


Braided nylon, aluminum connector housings

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Premium Charge/Sync Cable



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