Tech21 EvoClear for Samsung Galaxy S24+ - Clear

Tech21 EvoClear for Samsung Galaxy S24+ - Clear

Dr Boom Communications

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Product Details

Introducing our top – rated transparent case, engineered with cutting – edge 12ft multi – drop impact protection. Crafted with a sustainable bio – spice ingredient, this case boasts over 60% biodegradability, aligning with our commitment to waste responsible innovation. Imbued with intelligent UV – resistant agents and fortified with a self – healing scratch – resistant formula, the Evo Clear case is an ideal choice for showcasing your Google Pixel while ensuring both phone and planet protection.

Product Features

  • Advanced 12 ft Impact Protection
  • Environmentally Responsible Innovation
  • Sleek Slim Profile
  • Exceptional Scratch Resistance
  • UV Resistance for Longevity
  • Enhanced Camera Protection
  • Tactile Mechanical Buttons
  • Non – slip Grip for Added Security

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